So that you may appreciate what is involved in a treatment we have filmed various therapies in progress which can be viewed on-line. The footage contained in these edited clips has been digitally compressed for on-line viewing with an unavoidable reduction in quality.

As of 08/08/2000 the following clips are available for viewing with sound:

Traditional acupuncture & Chinese Herbs


Baby Yoga DVD

A preview video of "Yoga For Babies" is available to view by clicking here.

Put Your Back Problems Behind You DVD

All footage is taken from the video "Put Your Back Problems Behind You." Available from our video store.

To view these clips you may need to download RealPlayer. The button below will take you to the correct web site to obtain this software. You will need to download at least RealPlayer 8 Basic beta if you do not already have a version of RealPlayer installed on your computer.